Founder / CEO

John O’Malia

John has launched and revived consumer-facing internet businesses, and led them to dramatic growth and success.

Since 2013 he has been focused on AI insights and tools for internet-facing consumer businesses, and launched with his co-founders in 2016 to bring those concepts to market. The work at VAIX led to the vision and roadmap for and

He realized that every company has the same problem: non-Ai experts in every company need an intuitive way to interact with and extract insights from data using AI, and human-directed AI agents were the result.

Scientific consultant, Head of Product Partnerships

Zorica Milosevic

Zorica completed her PhD in Molecular Biology, Cancer Research at the University of Belgrade. During her PhD she worked at the Faculty of Medicine in Ciudad Real, Spain, where she studied the effects of different drugs on cancer cell migration and invasion.

She has also worked as PostDoc at the Faculty of Medicine in Larissa, Greece where she studied in vivo cancer models (SCID, NSG mice). She has authored 14 scientific research papers published in high impact journals.

She has participated in more than 20 international conferences and workshops. Her PhD was awarded as the best PhD in Molecular Biology in 2014 in Serbia. She started her clinical research career in 2016 as a Medical Affairs Scientist at Syneos Health (Previously Inc Research - Inventiv Health). She joined Wingbio as a Scientific consultant and Product Manager.

Chief Technology Officer

Ivan Goloskokovic

Ivan started with procedural programming in 1991 using a Sinclair ZX Spectrum BASIC at the age of just 10. He did his MSc in AI on the subject of Fully Connected Neural Networks, and started his professional career at

Ivan later progressed to Head of Engineering in a company developing security and facial recognition software for three years, having started as Tech Lead.

He returned to AI in 2016 as a Java One speaker on Deep Learning, and ran projects including seabed object detection software for sonar maps in submarines. Ivan has a broad, bottom-up understanding of software development, software architecture, development pipeline and agile methods.

Co-Lead Developer
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Dusan Josipovic

Dusan is a machine learning engineer at Wingbio, presently focused on evolving human-assistive reinforcement learning systems. He has previously worked a scalable computer vision system for seabed image object detection for sonar maps on submarines.

Most of his time is spent reading pioneering machine learning papers, with a focus on converting these ideas to into something useable. Dusan also has experience with satellite image segmentation, object classification and localisation, generative-adversarial networks, autoencoders and genetic algorithms.

Co-Lead Developer
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Nikola Jovicic

Nikola is a machine learning engineer with experience in deep learning, computer vision, and data science. Currently, he works on combining reinforcement learning with human directives at Wingbio, creating new models, optimising the training pipeline and reading and implementing state-of-the-art papers. Previously, he worked at a UK company where he was one of the main engineers on a large-scale computer vision analysis project, where the goal was to segment sonar images on petabytes of data using deep learning.

He has also worked on numerous other deep learning projects, developing these solutions from idea to production using cutting-edge algorithms. His expertise includes satellite image segmentation, large-scale sentiment analysis, casino table object detection, comic colorisation and even face swap.