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Creating AI tools customized for analysis of specific biological datasets

What we do

WingBio is team of 10 in technology, science, and business development with rich experience in developing AI solutions for image-based data.

We use state-of the-art deep learning tools, customized to your data, to analyze large microscopy image datasets and complex biological phenomena.

Our high-performance algorithms solve challenging problems in microscopy image analysis such as 3D cell segmentation, detection of subtle cell features, and phenotypic classification in High-content screening.

WingBio Cutting-edge algorithms

We use cutting-edge deep learning algorithms to extract subtle cellular features from large image data sets to develop predictive cell segmentation models. By automatizing the processes of 3D segmentation, quantification of morphology and texture, and phenotypic classification of cells in 3D cultures treated with different therapeutics, we are contributing to more reliable, cost-effective and time-saving drug discovery.

Service Science

Our expanding biomedical knowledge combined with machine learning algorithms build technology in the service of science.

Precision Medicine

Our AI models are designed to empower scientists and inspire the discovery of new medicines for the thousands of diseases that have no treatment. Applied machine learning models enable scientists to determine the right mechanism to modulate, and identify patient endotypes more likely to respond to treatment.

Driving Innovation

Our AI models are innovative approach in image analysis. We build platforms which help scientist to better understand and automatize image data analysis.


We have ongoing relationships with a number of trusted institutions across the life sciences. Let us know how we can help, we are open to exploring new opportunities and collaborations.

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